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When it comes to technological development, project management is crucial to success. CentauriZon will assemble your project’s specific team of experts, coordinate the qualified personnel, technological components and IT material necessary, and oversee the integration of IT solutions of all sizes.

CentauriZon understands the strategic issues inherent to IT undertakings. Let our extensive experience in the field guide you through the key components of sound project management.

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Whenever necessary or desired, CentauriZon can facilitate technical discussions and details, and take on the role of intermediary. Through concise debriefings, we will relay the information that is relevant to you. Follow-up meetings can be organized between yourself and the project manager according to the schedule most convenient to you, or at any time you or the situation requires it. CentauriZon will monitor the progress while you resume your normal course of business.

As a lighthouse, we guide you and making sure that everything is ok

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